SQL Server T-SQL Training Course

This impeccable Microsoft SQL Server Training Course is exclusively designed for aspiring Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, MSBI / Power BI Engineers and SQL Database Developers. This course is applicable for both starters as well as for experienced professionals. This course includes SQL Basics, T-SQL Queries, Query Writing and Query Understanding required for Data Analysts and Business Analysts. This course also includes Programming, Tuning and Azure SQL (Cloud) concepts required for BI Developers and SQL Database Developers. One Real-time project is included in this SQL Server and T-SQL Training Course addressing Basic to Advanced SQL Queries, Detailed Database Design, Complex Joins, Common Table Expressions (CTEs), Complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Remote Queries, Transactions and Query Tuning Operations with XML, BLOB and JSON Data Sources with complete guidance to MCSA 70-761 and MCSA 70-762 Microsoft Certification Exams.

24x7 LIVE Online Server (Lab) with Real-time Databases. Course includes ONE Real-time Project. Register Today

SQL Server & T-SQL Training with Azure SQL

Applicable For SQL Dev (0-2 yrs) SQL Dev (2+ yrs) SQL Dev (2.5+ yrs)
Course Duration 4 Weeks 5 Weeks 6 Weeks
Course Content Chapters 1 to 20 Chapters 1 to 25 Chapters 1 to 30
Completely Real-time, Practical Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Mock Interviews, Case Studies Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
SQL Basics and Query Writing Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
SQL DB Design, Table Design Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Normal Forms, Joins, Queries Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Indexes, Stored Procedures Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Excel Integration, Pivot Charts Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Advanced Stored Procedures Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
CTE, PIVOT, XML and BLOB Data Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Real-time Project [Banking] Croos-symbol-for-Yes Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
In-depth Query Tuning Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Performance Tools, Locks Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Complex SPs, MCSA - 70 761 Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Azure SQL Database (Cloud) Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Azure SQL Database Migrations Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Stretch Databases, MCSA 70-762 Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-No Check-Symbol-for-Yes

Training Schedules -- Trainer : Sai Phanindra

SQL Server T-SQL Training Highlights

✔ In-depth Tuning ✔ HA - DR Issues
✔ Queries, Joins ✔ Dynamic SQL
✔ Query Tuning ✔ CTEs, TVPs
✔ Excel Imports ✔ In-Memory Tables
✔ Excel Pivot Charts ✔ Azure SQL Migration
✔ Complex joins ✔ Azure Elastic Queries
✔ Linked Servers ✔ Azure DB Tuning

All Session Are Completely Practical & Real Time

Job-Oriented Real-time Training @ SQL School Training Institute

SQL Server, SQL DBA, MSBI, Azure SQL Dev, Azure SQL DBA, Azure BI, Power BI Training

All Training Sessions are completely practical and real-time. 24x7 LIVE Server & Lab Available. Payments via Paypal in Installments.