SQL Server T-SQL Training Course

This SQL Server Performance Tuning From SQL School includes In-depth Query Tuning and Troubleshooting concepts in SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016 including Histograms, XEL Files, In-Memory Tables, Temporal Tables, IO Costs, CPU Costs, Opertor Costs, Execution Plan Analysis and DOP Settings with Resource Groups & Workload Groups. Memory Optimization Techniques, CPU Utilization and IO Monitoring Processes, Query Audits with Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), Dynamic Management Functions (DMFs), Procedure Cache are included in this course. This SQL Server Performance Tuning also includes a Real-time CaseStudy that helps you to understand master Query Analytical skills with Workload Analysis, Peak - Hour metrics, Understanding various levels of Query Statistics, Index Management Techniques. Register Today for Free Demo

24x7 LIVE Online Server (Lab) with Real-time Databases. Course includes ONE Real-time Project. Register Today

Benefits of SQL Server T-SQL Course:

  • Completely Practical and Realtime
  • Theory Material provided in Advance
  • Highly Interactive and Interesting
  • Certification Guidance and FAQs
  • 24x7 Server Access with Realtime DBs
  • Beneficial for MCSA Exams

After our SQL Server T-SQL course participants be able to:

  • Understand SQL Architecture, Database Design, Storage
  • Table Design with Schemas, Constraints, Views and Sequence
  • Exhibit Query Writing skills and MERGE, Recursive CTE
  • Work with Joins, Sub Queries, Linked Servers, OPENROWSET
  • Write Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers & Indexed Views
  • Work with Transactions, Save Points, Query Hints, BLOB, XML

Job-Oriented Real-time Training @ SQL School Training Institute

All Training Sessions are completely practical and real-time. 24x7 LIVE Server & Lab Available. Payments via Paypal in Installments.