SQL Database Administration (SQL DBA) Course

This SQL DBA Training from Real-time, Certified Trainers includes Basic to Advanced Database Administration activities : Capacity Planning, Query Tuning, Index Management, Database Maintenance, High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), Query Store, In-Memory Tables, Database Repairs, Page Repairs, Jobs, Alerts, Resource Management, Security Management including Azure SQL DBA Activities like Azure Sync, Azure Server Failover, Azure Virtual Machines and Azure DB Migrations.

This SQL DBA Training also includes practical implementation of Always-On Availability Groups [AOAG] in Windows Clusters , LINUX Clusters and Real-time Azure SQL DBA activities. Additionally, this SQL DBA Training Course includes complete guidance for your Job Profile, Study Material, MCSA SQL DBA Certification (70-764 & 70-765) and Real-time Projects for your Resume. Versions: SQL Server 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019. Download SQL DBA Curriculum Here

24x7 LIVE Online Server (Lab) with Real-time Databases. Course includes ONE Real-time Project. Register Today

SQL DBA (with Server, T-SQL, Azure SQL DBA)

SQL DBA Job Profile Core DBA Core DBA +
Azure DBA
Real-time Issues, Solutions Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
SQL Server, DB Architecture Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Query Tuning and Plan Analysis Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
HA - DR, Issues, Troubleshooting Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
DB Repairs, Security Management Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Migrations, Updates (CU), Upgrades Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Errors & Troubleshooting Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Events, Traces, Encryptions Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
SQL Server on Windows Clusters Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
SQL Server on LINUX Clusters Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
Always-On Availability Groups Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
SLA, OLA, Licensing Plans Check-Symbol-for-Yes Check-Symbol-for-Yes
SQL DB Migration to Azure Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
Azure SQL Database Admin Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
Azure SQL DB: HA-DR Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
Common Errors, Solutions Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
Azure Virtual Machines, XEL Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
MCSA 70-764 Certification Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes
MCSA 70-765 Certification Croos-symbol-for-No Croos-symbol-for-Yes

SQL DBA Training - Trainer : Mr. Sai Phanindra T [13+ Yrs of Exp]



✔ In-depth Tuning ✔ HA - DR Issues ✔ Azure Migrations
✔ XEL Graphs ✔ DAC, PBM ✔ Stretch Databases
✔ DB Migrations ✔ Licensing Plans ✔ Azure HA - DR
✔ In-Memory Tables ✔ DMA Tool ✔ POCs, RCA
✔ Ticketting Tool ✔ Tuning Tools ✔ Blob Storage
✔ Always-On ✔ SLA / OLA ✔ Power Shell
✔ Lite Speed ✔ Windows Clusters ✔ Managed Instance
✔ Realtime Errors ✔ Linux (RHEL) ✔ Virtual Machines
✔ DBA Checklists ✔ Updates, Upgrades ✔ MCSA Certification
SQL DBA Training : How it works?

This SQL DBA Training includes Basic to Advanced Production SQL DBA activities including Database Health Checks, Database Repairs, HA - DR Strategies, Always-On Availability Groups (AAG), Windows and Linux Clusters (RHEL), Common Errors & Solutions, Updates, Upgrades, Migrations, Ticketing Tools and 3rd Party Tools. This SQL DBA Course also includes Azure SQL DBA activities including Capacity Planning, Azure SQL Database Backups, Point-In-Time Recovery, Virtual Machines, Azure SQL DB HA-DR, Extended Events, Geo Replication, Server Failover and Power Shell.

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All Trainings are completely Practical and Real-Time.


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24x7 LIVE Online Server (Lab) with Real-time Databases. Course includes ONE Real-time Project. Register Today

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