Training Feedbacks - SQL School

"I am very much satisfied with MSBI course online. It is very interactive and easy to understand. I can suggest anyone who wants to learn especially MSBI course from SQL School."

- Abhilash    Software Engineer, India

  • "This online training is very helpful as the instructor (Sai) explains all the options on screen and how it can be used. This online training helps both realtime working on SQL and also switching from one platform to another.

- Madhusudhan    Database Analyst, US

  • "HI Sai, I learned a lot new things from these SQL training sessions. truly your information is very valuable. I will definitely recommend your training interested to learn MSBI. Best Institute. Thanks. "

- Vijay    Software Engineer, India

  • "I got job in phoenix(Arizona), my client is American express and working through IBM team. It is because of your good and quality coaching I cracked my job in 10 days. your material helped me a lot sir, my interview was conducted from Brazil all the knowledge from your coaching helped me a lot while I was answering there questions, I am very much thank full to you."

- Deepthi    Software Engineer, American Express, US


- Ponneswari    (,     Software Engg., Chennai

  • "Sai! I am really delighted about the SQL Training course and i am surprised to see the depth of your knowledge in all aspects of the SQL server. I see that many database architects with over 15+ yrs experience doesn't have the knowledge that you have. I really enjoyed your sessions, definitely look forward to learn more from you in the future. Thanks again."

- Eranna Kuruva     Database Architect, ADP

  • Sai, "Every session is great and very valuable..its like aanimuthyalu! I want to say again n again we all are lucky to have you as the SQL coach. I learnt a lot from you Sai on DBA and BI side. Tnx. I salute you from bottom of my heart for being such an amazing mentor!!"

- Sanjay     Senior Software Engineer

  • "Dear Sai! This e-mail is to say BIG THANK YOU..for all teaching you done in our DBA / MSBI training sessions. I GOT JOB as SQL Server DBA after almost 6 months of struggle here in UK. I must Thank you for such a good and rocking lessons. to tell you frankly you made me to like/love/crazy about SQL Server though i have no idea about it before joining your classes."
    This is my first job in IT after my studies and i am a bit tensed how things will be after joining in the company. your suggestions are more helpful for me to get on well in the company as good DBA."

- Mahesh Ravipati    SQL Server DBA, UK

  • "It was a lot of fun learning MSBI development. I really enjoyed it.
    I am doing a lot better than before on SQL Server and enjoyed to learn MSBI online."

- Rakesh Alapati    SQL DBA, US

  • "I am V.Padma. I gained good knowledge about the subject. Previously I had theoretical knowledge about few concepts but did not know how to implement it but now I understood how to do things.I need to practice thoroughly. Your presentation was good. I am also thankful for extending your help even after the classes have been completed for DBA course and MSBI course online."

- Padma    Software Engineer. Austin, Texas

  • "Listened his DEMO and got impressed two months back. I have seen him rocking into the depth of the subject like anything. Kudos to the quality training."

- Avvaru Harika   Software Engineer, Accenture, Chennai

  • "My Feedback on training undertaken: Good Trainer I have seen so far. Worth learning SQL Server by Sai. I can assure you for sure."

- Praneeth    SQL Database Analyst, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore

  • "I learnt SQL Server from this SQL School and am there with them for about two and half months for entire DEV, DBA and ADMIN courses. Able to win the Job is Accenture as Support Analyst and many thanks to Sai Phanindra and his material. The advanced administration found to be very useful now in my current Role as Tier 2 Analyst though my background is .NET Development."

- Gayathri    Senior Support Analyst, Accenture, Gachibowli

  • "Joined for DBA course and continued for MSBI Tools training as well. Now, I am completely confident enough in my subject. I never thought SQL Server is SO BIG and huge!!!Loved learning it for about three months and quite chappy now."

- Kranthi    (, MSBI Analyst, Singapore

  • "I am very lucky for attending the SQL Server DB Administration Online Training from Sai. I can say this class is now a requirement for SQL SERVER DBA which was the reason for my attendance. The class had about 20 attendees from different background. There are no formal prerequisites for the course although I would highly recommend minimum knowledge of the topics would very helpful. This class is intended for those that wanted to become DBAs. This course is very helpful for certification and I would also recommend it for anyone considering the certification. The class was comprised of 2 sessions. In session 1 ran through T-SQL and DBA training, and in session 2 Adv DBA training. There were two things about this class that I found to be very different than any other classes I had attended. First, there was very good planning about training course. We never comprised about any topic related to DBA Responsibilities. We barely missed the class. The entire course was pasteurizing and drawing architectures of networks and storage and useful practice of T-SQL statements. For real time project experience the class was given an enterprise customer case study. The Case study had required knowledge of T-SQL and knowledge of DBA responsibilities. As we reached the end of each class, we would incorporate what we learned into those new and important topics thoroughly. The practice for class was actually designed very well. At the end of each class, everybody had to practice provided SQL Statements to get ready for the next day class. I noticed about the class that was very different from other SQL Server DBA Training classes. The instructor Sai knows what DBA needs to know to become a perfect SQL Server DBA. No money is wasted most importantly no time is wasted. Never had I seen such a display of SQL Server DBA course in such a class. This class was a very good summary of the DBA Course. It was a collaboration of all of the SQL Server knowledge and Experience of Sai had seen which is amazing. It was an outstanding display of all the things you have to remember when anybody wishes to be a SQL SERVER DBA. SQL SERVER DBA is like Ocean. I must say that our instructor Sai was constantly requesting questions and constantly encouraging us if we have any doubts for the course and promised to help us with the subject."

- Bhavani Kolli IT Manager, Synergy Soft, US

  • "Training was very useful.The thing most impressive was the way the entire programme was structured. Gaps were provided every now and then to practice. I would not hesitate to do the MSBI sessions with Sai if need be.For anyone wanting an understanding of SQL DBA Training with real time scenario understanding I would most definitely recommend to join Sai's SQL School. I am looking for learning Business Intelligence next."

- Asim Panda    Software Engineer, Mumbai, India

  • "yes the training was very good and sai is very coperative. "

- Deepak Choudary    SSRS Engineer, India

  • "Good one. I will recommend your MSBI tools training Course to my friends. "

- Prem    Software Engineer, US

Training Feedbacks - SQL School

  • Sai you just rock. And i am proud to be one of your students. The way you handle things and explanation of subject is unique. And I am looking forward to learn more subject from you. Thank you.

- Suman Sarangy    Software Engineer, UK

  • I like following in your class: 1. PPT distributed one day in advance - this give us time to prepare for class; 2. Files from class help us to go through practical demonstration ; 3. You logging into gotomeeting before scheduled class time - this give us opportunity to clarify doubts; and 4. Course content wise - the level of concepts being taught are at adequate level, giving us strong fundamentals in T-SQL. I did not like: 1. Class timings - this is more to do with where I am. But even at past midnight you class is very interesting.

- Karanam Venkata    Australia

  • I really liked all of my sessions. Every session was very informative and in each session there was so much to learn and practice. It is good to have such a instructor who is always willing to help and has so much command and knowledge of the subject.

- Srikanth    Database Engineer, India

  • After completing the course got confidence on me that is because of ur superb training especially day-day plan was excellent.. will be in touch forever Sir.. Thank you very much..

- Kishore    DB Architect, US

  • Simply 1 word sir ur training was fabulous now its my time to work. Enjoyed learning MSBI from you Sai!

- Niru Patel    Jr. DBA, India

  • Hi Sai, Your SQL School is the best training institue i have ever attended so far till date regarding to the sessions and also as far as my practice is concerned ...i always had the enthu and never missed any session as i did in any other courses i attended :-) .... its your energy that kept the enthu in me till the end of course. For Future Students ....Sessions are so interactive and understandable. Need to spend lot if time to get hands on knowledge and practice is must for each and every session...

- Harini Th    BI Engineer, Canada

  • Dear Sir, I feel very happy to get training from you and i have got more than i expected. I never forget the help you had given me to attending the advanced classes second time. Thank you very much for your valuable support all the time.

- Grandhi Krish    SQL Developer, UK

  • Excellent with well planned sessions. Confidence will build to go further in career. Thanks Phanindra and get back to you with my queries. Regards Rajsheker

- Raj Shekar    Software Engineer, India

  • All sessions are good n easy to understand. thank you sai

- Satish Edhara   BI Engineer, India

  • I am very much satisfied with your course.It is very interactive and the way of your explanation is very good.Especially when we did not understand or having questions on any concept, at that time your explanation is very impressive by going to the Basics of that concept and explaining from the point that where we can understand easily. I can say, SQL School is the best Institute for MSBI Online Training.

- V Venkatesh    SQL Professional, India

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful sql server training sessions that I had with you. I have learned a lot from this course .Thank you very much once again.

- Zeenath    MS Graduate, US

  • Sai, I cannot thank you enough, what i learned from you is invaluable, you really go into the depth of DBA. I am so glad to have you as a really push us to be better than who we are. Thank You Again for you time and effort.

- Maithily    Graduate, India

  • Your training on both SQl DBA & MSBI Tools are awesome. I am a Oracle DBA by profession and taking these classes to support SQL Server/MSBI(Operational Perspective) in existing job due to changing landscape of companies asking DBA to support other DBMS technologies. I came to know your contact 6 months before from an indirect friend who recommended about you and now I have directly or indirectly been recommending your contact for any pursuing career in both of these technologies and I would keep doing the same. Thanks for your services and wish you more success

- Niranjan Ch.    BI Architect(Microsoft), India

  • Thanks alot for nice session for both DBA and MS BI and its very much worth for what we paid.

- RK Rayapudi    Software Engineer, India

  • Everything is good about training. I liked it, learned many things and i think we covered many concepts and items in all the 3 areas - SSIS, SSAS, SSRS. I would recommend anybody for this training and as the tag line of your website says 'Quality Training Assured' and i thing it's apt for it.

- Murthy IT    BI Engineer, India

  • It has been amazing and rewarding experience. Initially before joining the course there were questions in mind about the quality and mode of training but in the first class all these were vanished. The knowledge you get in 30-35 days is overwhelming it is a challenge to keep the pace with the course and you really need to devote considerable amount of time to sync in with all the aspects of the training Sais commitment to deliver good training content and commitment towards his job is really commendable and inspiring. Personally I will be consolidating my knowledge and the loose ends in coming weeks as I was not able to put the desirable efforts form my end. But I am sure having the base in place I will catch up with the practice. I can not thank you more Sai, I wish you all the best for your future and will surely be joining your SQL DBA Training classes which is starting last week of Jan. Keep up the good work , you are really helping in bridging the knowledge gap which persist in the IT knowledge industry

- Mohan Atul    SQL Server Engineer, India

  • I am really delighted about the course and i am surprised to see the depth of your knowledge in all aspects of the SQL server. I see that many database architects with over 15+ yrs experience doesn't have the knowledge that you have. I really enjoyed your sessions, definitely look forward to learn more from you in the future. Thanks again Sai! for excellent MSBI tools training.

- Ekurava Erranna    Software Engineer, India

  • Sai, I was your student when you started training initially.Now again i attended your DBA session. I am totally impressed by the training program. I have learned a lot of new topics from this program. Thank you so much.

- Hareesh    MS, US

  • It was really good time to be part of this training program and I really enjoyed your teaching and practical classes. Thanks SAI PHANENDRA for giving EXCELLENT training sessions on SSIS, SSAS & SSRS.

- Trinadh    India

  • Basically I am from Manual Testing background. I joined your SQL server class and then now BI class(First SSIS and SSAS. After I took a break and then joined SSRS class) since I want to change my profile. Before attending your sessions, I did not know anything about the subject. But now I have confidence. I am very much thankful to you. Thank you very much sir.

- Padmashini   Testing Engineer,USA

  • Dear Sai, MSBI training has been outstanding. You have covered every aspect of the SSIS which would boost the confidence of the attendee to dive into greater depths and face the interviews subsequently. I feel confident after attending the course. I am sure you would be providing us your valuable high level guidence in our initial realtime project . Each of your session is a eye opener and it is a great joy to attend your training. Thanks and Kindest Regards Mohan Rao Borra

- B Mohan Rao   Software Engineer, UK

  • Learning is finding out what we already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you\" & This is effectively done by you Sai and moreover the curriculum is so much necessary raw material which you processed in a better way that cleared all the doubts.ThankYou.

- Samriti Grewal   S/E,USA

  • Iam happy with your Training session.....your training is Good.....Thaksyou Sai .

- Swathi   USA

  • Hello sir, i am totally satisfied with your training classes. Thank You.
p>- Vamshi Krishna   Student, UK

  • The training was really very good. Apart from MSBI, I also learned some good concepts of Database too. Thank You !

- Suresh Raj   SQL Server Architect, India

  • Hi Sai, The T-SQL sessions were very good. These sessions were very much helpful to build and learn more about T-SQL. Thank you for providing and teaching T_SQL.

- Chirag Goel   Test Engineer, India

  • I think this is the best online course I have taken so far..Well I am still in the process of learning new things but for me this learning process has become so easy only after I joined this Sai is very organized and up to the point.. he knows what he is teaching and makes his point very clear by explaining numerous times. I would definitely recommend anyone who has any passion for SQL Server..

- Ansen S   Student, USA

  • I am very much satisfied with online course. It is very interactive and easy to understand.

- Anupam B   Software Engineer, India

  • I really enjoyed theses sessions. Thanks for your MSBI sessions.

- Krishna Kishore   Student, USA

  • I started MSBI course with no knowledge at all,and i completed with lot of knowledge..this all because of sai..who is very good at explaining subject very clearly..sai--i know many people who knows subject and cannot express or explain it to students in an understandable way..but you rock the last thing sai,you are a very good far in my experience you are the best..thanks for all the support Thanks Supriya

- Yashwant Muppala   S/W, India

  • Thank you Sai for the detailed and thorough explanation of SSRS. Overall, you did a great job tying in SSIS , SSAS and SSRS concepts. This MSBI class is a hands -on learning experience which is very useful for beginners as well as experienced professionals who would like to go back and revise concepts. Sai is a dynamic and very helpful teacher, his ability to explain various topics based on his experience is unsurpassed. Thanks, Ansen

- Niharika K   SSE, India

  • Hi Sai, This training is very interactive and I would definetly suggest anyone to attend these sessions because we can learn a lot.. This training is very helpful to start my new career in SQL environment and I thank Sai a lot for his cooperation in clarifying my doubts during and even after the sessions.. Regards, JP, United Kingdom

- Sammudol   S/E, USA

  • I want to thank you for your incredible efforts and sharing your vast knowledge. I am feeling lucky to have attended your great batch. You are awesome Sai, I am not sure when i will be able to attain 20% of your knowledge but i got a lot inspired by you. I will keep in touch and will always try to learn from you as much as I can. Thanks once again Sai..

- Sarangi Suman   Software Engineer, India

  • This class is very detailed and informative and hands on. Mr Sai is well experienced and able to give real life examples. Unfortunately due to time constraints on my end I did not get to practice enough.

- Karanam Venkat   Software Engineer, US

  • I have a confident in SSIS after these session. I have little knowledge of SSIS prior to these session, I was not aware of Installation Check Sum and many more. Thanks a lot Sai.

- Keerthi   S/E, USA

  • I have a very great experience with this course, I have learned large amount of information which I don\'t know before, most importantly I have learned very new topics about how to audit the package on error handling, break points, slowly changing dimension, SQL Mail and logins.

- Vikram Singh   IIT, Chennai

  • Hi Sai, My name is Tejaswi. I have joined for T-SQL. The sessions are very practical and more informative. I\'m satisfied with the pace of the sessions and i am following the classes. Thank you Sai for the classes and giving me opportunity to leave the feedback.

- Tejaswi   Software Engineer, India


- Shekar K   Student, Canada

  • Sai you just rock. And i am proud to be one of your students. The way you handle things and explanation of subject is unique. And iam looking forward to learn more subject from you. Thank you.

- Ryan C   Student, Australia

  • I like following in your class: 1. PPT distributed one day in advance - this give us time to prepare for class; 2. Files from class help us to go through practical demonstration ; 3. You logging into gotomeeting before scheduled class time - this give us opportunity to clarify doubts; and 4. Course content wise - the level of concepts being taught are at adequate level, giving us strong fundamentals in T-SQL. I did not like: 1. Class timings - this is more to do with where I am. But even at past midnight you class is very interesting.

- Vamshi   S/E, UK

  • Sai got excellent teaching skills and provides great practical training which makes us easy and simple to understand.

- Yugalkishore   S/E, India

  • Im so thankfully sai phanindhra it was so valuable session ...excellent explaination by Sai.

- M S Neelima   Consultant, USA

  • The training was very good.I have learned a lot from this course.After completing the course got confidence on me Thank you very much for the wonderful Training Sai. Sandhya

- Sandhya   Software Engineer, USA

  • Thanks Sai for providing the MSBI training. I would really appreciate your way of training. You took time in explaining the basic (along with example and also make us to practice the same). The way of comparing 2008 & 2012 features was good and helpful. Somehow I found that starting the MSBI with IS - AS - RS was useful. I had a very tough time during the end of SSAS and start of SSRS due to project transfer. But understood my problem and help me by sharing the video. I would recommend your training to my friends. Actually one of my friend (your old student) referred you. I am sure you will have big reference chain. Best of luck for your future.

- Madhan   Student, UK

  • It is 6 weeks of non stop training and I can't realize that we have completed our training. I feel that we should have had some more time. We will be missing you SAI.Thanks for the effort and patience you have showed all these days and I wish our relation should continue beyond this training. I once again thank you for everything.

- Shiva   Software Engineer, India

  • The training was great ! I have learnt a lot. Thank you very much! As someone who was completely new to OLAP and Analysis services, I found the course quite dense.

- Magdalena   Consultant, USA

  • One of the best practical training available on Sql Server. Each lesson is guaranteed to enlighten you or solve your daily production issue. Loved every moment of it.

- Pillai Rajesh   Software Engineer, India

  • It was great learning experience with SQL School. MSBI training covered basic to advance level features of BI tools. I wish SQL School could also have Data Modeling and other courses that can help in learning end to end solution for bringing up Data Warehouse. Sai is awesome tutor!!! Thanks to SQL School.

- Brijesh Behda   Software Engineer, India

  • Hi Sai, Its a wonderful experience attending your training due to the following reasons. a. Your vast knowledge on the subject. Esp since you are only 6 year experienced. Now I could experience the mental calibre of IITians. b. Speed of answering questions c. Energy and enthusiasm. Its not easy to manage office and different batches at same time. d. Your parallel processing skills. Answering questions by typing and still continuing the talk and monitoring various things simultaneously. e. Packaging and planning of course topics capsulized and stopping almost exactly at 90 mins.

- Gigi Thomas   Australia

  • I have completed SSAS and SSRS modules so far with SQL school. Sai has good practical knowledge and excellent in teaching. His approach to give definite solution of the project were excellent. I would extremely recommend SQL school to get quality training. Thanks Kamlesh

- Kamlesh   Software Engineer, USA

  • Sai, You are a great teacher!!! I liked your approach to the concepts. You have a great knowledge and I see your quest to share the knowledge with us. You are an amazing trainer... You delivered everything you promised.... Thanks for the excellent training Sai. I will recommend your training to my friends.

- M S Neelima   Software Engineer, USA

  • Very very practical training, excellent explanation and course structure. SQL school rocks!

- VS Ramsetti   SE, USA

  • hi sai u\'r teaching is excellent, thank u so much

- Mounica   SSE, USA

  • The course was very satisfying and Sai really helped me to understand the real-time situations and scenarios. Thank you Sai.

- Raghunath   UK

  • I\'m very much satisfied with the training..I expected only the basic knowledge but I got more than that.but unfortunately I didn\'t get the chance to practice...I will start practicing from today itself.Thank You so much Sir..

- Sri Lakshmi Karla   India

  • hello sir.. I loved attending your classes. Thankyou very much for all the great information.. so informative and interesting..!! Thankyou..!!

- K Greeshma   India

  • I am always fortunate to have had dedicated teachers in many walks of life, and i would certainly add Mr.Sai in that honorable group. His sincerity and commitment to drive the best to the students is very amazing. If every teacher thinks his way, the world would be a better place. And his command in the subject, SQL Server is simply superb. No wonder he is very strict.

- M ramesh   India

  • great teaching skills

- Dharma   India

  • I was overall happy with the MSBI session which had the right pace to learn the new concepts. Providing of videos for missed sessions was very helpful. Just got what I was looking for. Sridhar

- Sridhar   USA

  • I want to thank you for your excellent training provided to me. I took Complete MSBI and Complete DBA courses training from you. After your training now I am more confident on the subject and you transformed me to a complete SQL Guy. Sai, you are one of the greatest trainers I have met in my life. I will remember you for my life time as one of my Guru\'s! Keep up your good work and keep serving this globe with your great knowledge and your passion towards teaching. Thanks again, Regards Maheshwar

- Maheshwar K   India

  • Sai, It was a wonderful experience : learning from you. J Sailaja Reddy

- Sailaja Reddy   India

  • Sai\'s sessions are indeed practical and most uptodate which make them worthy and enjoyable. Both the trainer and training are simply outstanding! vishal.adwant

- Vishal A   India

  • I was really good experience. I really enjoyed studying from Sai. Like a real lecture room environment. I will definitely recommend my friends. :) Great......................

- Dave   USA

  • Sai is Very Well experienced in both teaching and subject.!! ..Preparation, Planning and Execution is superb..!!Way of explanation is ultimate .Thank you very much sai for Excellent training!.5star...

- Ravi K   India

  • Sai sir\'s Training is like a Boost,After listening to his Wonderful sessions, now i am more confident in MS-SQL Server and MSBI.One of the best part Mr.Sai\'s Training is he\'s not like other Teachers who do teach for Money and for namesake but Mr.Sai makes sure that we gives justification to our own money,while we are on Training, yes that is Practicing ,we need to Practice his sessions, that\'s the only thing sai repeats every time, by this way he makes sure you are learning the subject.I like his approach ,way of teaching,providing materials on time,spends time in clarifying the doubts and clear all the questions without fail. Last but not the Least i miss Sai sir\'s sessions --Nag.A

- Nag A   UK

  • I like the training and hoping to learn more from Sai in future.

- Durgesh   India

  • Thank You Sai. My Wife and Me both really appreciate you and very glad we took this course from YOU. Thank You Very Much and we were very satisfied very much and we already got assigned working SSIS and SSRS tasks in my office.

- Satish   India

  • This is really Helpful... A good example for corporate training..and many concepts are out of books and website material..

- Nawin Rao   UK

  • Hi Sai, after joining the MSBI and DBA training, I have learned a lot and got a lot of command on the subject. Before your training, even though I have knowledge in SQL server, your training gave me lot of Knowledge and confidence and how to analyse the data, your case studys and tasks you have provided during the training really helped me to improve the knowledge and you have covered the topics that are not provided by other trainers . I am really very thankful for joining the training. Sailaja.

- Sailaja   USA

  • It is really good class.I learn a lot from the class.I can refer for everyone to join this class.No, doubt about this class we can blindly join the class.Thanks for Sai

- Lakshmi Kanth   India

  • Sai is an outstanding trainer. He helped me to understand all the concepts in details to very basic level. The level of command he has on the topics is really awesome. I\'m really satisfied with the kind of training provided by him and i wish him a very good success ahead. All the very best Sai.

- Raghu Nath   India

  • Very good training.

- Srinu   UK

  • If you want to do MSBI course online training then SQL School is right choice for you. Thanks Mr. Sai for the excellent training and all your hard work and time that you put in each training session!!

- Manish   India

  • Great course! and nice materials/session notes and presentations provided. I enjoyed the complete training and I can take what I learned and start applying it directly to my practice and project once I am into it. This training provided great depth on the topics that were covered and clarified the questions when I got stuck. Your technical expertise in the area was reflected in all areas of the course and everything was done very professionally and cool.

- Jothe Rengarajan   India

  • Its nice working with you and I will keep in touch for further questions and doubts on this course.

- Dween Tato   Nigeria

  • I was new to SSRS when I joined the SQL School and I see things are working very well as per the planned schedule by Sai and able to practise every day session after the class at home with the help of notes and screen shots.

- Obulapu Sreekanth   India

  • Highly recommend for the one who wanted to learn MSBI. All doubts will be cleared on time and get the opportunity to grab real time scenarios. I really like Sai training management skills

- Azher Khan   USA

  • I want to thank you for the excellent training sessions. Even where I knew some of the material before hand your lectures provided much new depth and subtlety about the SQL Server and T-SQL. My task now is to take and pass 70-461 and then I will take another course from SQL School. Thanks again. It was great.

- Sheetal   India

  • Before attending I thought i would be skipping more than 4 to 5 sessions due to my work schedule which was told already. However the session ,its lecture notes and knowledge was so excellent that i have almost attended 99 % of sessions.Big thanks to Sai sir for conducting excellent sessions of SSIS and hoping other two modules (SSAS and SSRS) will be excellent.

- Parameshwaran S   Chennai

  • Good Evening ,Hope you are doing great . Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my journey to lead as BI Developer in IT. After attending your training sessions , I finally got a wonderful opportunity with leading manufacturing company in Australia as a report Developer .This Training program has helped me a lot and also taught me more about BI .

- Saisha Kolluri   USA

  • This was probably the most useful training I have done which can impact my career first hand. Plenty to think about, lots to put into practice,well planned and resourced course. I enjoyed all of the sessions and session by session confidence levels were improving for which I have to thank you for. I believe that all the concepts taught in workshops lay a good foundation thus ensuring basics are strong, credit goes to you for putting this complex technology in a simpler way. However I need to look back, revise, practice a lot and get a grip on it, so I'll be troubling you with questions as and when, kindly bear with me. My only concern being, terminology attached to course curriculum looks like its a lot, you must have covered all of it, the big challenge here would be to sell myself in the market, as I'm completely from Non-IT background ( currently working in Hospitality Sector in a Managerial Role in London), so I'll need some guidance and support accordingly to crack a job.

- Raghavendra   India

  • This course has been very informative and very easy to understand. I have not been able to find such a course anywhere. This is very practical.

- Chinchu Thomas   UK


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