SQL Dev, DBA and MSBI Courses - Online(LIVE), Inhouse/Classroom and Video Trainings

SQL School is a premier training institute strongly committed to provide realtime and practical classes on SQL Server Development (DEV), Administration (DBA) and Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) courses. We have been providing interactive Online Trainings and Classroom Trainings for more than SEVEN years with Realtime Projects, Placements, Job Support, Certifications, 24x7 LIVE SQL Server access and more..

SQL Server, SQL DBA and MSBI Courses - LIVE Online, Classroom and Video Trainings

SQL Server / T-SQL Course
Realtime training on SQL Database and Table Design, Queries, Joins, SPs, more..

Training Modes: Online   Classroom   Video
SQL DBA Course
Realtime training on Design, Tuning, DB Repairs, DR, HA, Issues, Clusters, more..

Training Modes: Online   Classroom   Video
Datawarehouse Design, ETL, Cube Design, Analysis, MDX, Mining, Forecasting, more..

Training Modes: Online   Classroom   Video
SSIS with ETL & DW
Dimensional Modelling, DW Design, ETL, Data Delta & Cleansing, Profiling, more..

Training Modes: Online   Classroom   Video
Analysis with Data Mining, Forecasts, MDX, DAX, Dynamic Cube Security, more..

Training Modes: Online   Classroom   Video
SSRS with PowerView
Report Design, Testing, Deployment, Security, Cube and Map Reports, more..

Training Modes: Online   Classroom   Video
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Benefits of our trainings:

Why Choose Us?

  • Completely Practical and Realtime
  • Highly Interactive and interesting
  • Daily Tasks and Weekly Assignments
  • Certification Guidance and FAQs
  • 24x7 Server Access with Realtime Databases
  • Benefical for Microsoft Certifications
  • Advance Theory Material and Interactive Practical Sessions
  • Screenshot based Material for practice and future reference
  • Session wise Study Material, Practice Material, Tasks and Lab Work
  • Mock Interviews and concept wise FAQs with support
  • Realtime Case Studies and On-Job Support services
  • Updates on Microsoft SQL Server DEV/DBA/MSBI jobs across the Globe

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